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Wenco and its team

A key part of Wenco’s growth and success has come from the effort it has invested in building a team of excellence.

Each Wenco member is provided with the tools they need to focus on their business, as well as the autonomy to take responsibility for its operation.

Thanks to this approach, we have become experts in what we produce, get to know our customers up close, meet their requirements quickly, and propose innovations that improve their efficiency and sustainability.

Wenco is always interested in attracting new talent.
If you think you are up for the challenge, apply here.

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Values that inspire us


Caring for your own money is another way of respecting your customer’s money.


Long-term relationships are built by honoring one’s given word.


Doing things properly shouldn’t just be a habit, it should also be an ethic.

Passion for the craft

Competition stimulates us, hard work rewards us.