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Wenco Reutilizables

Wenco Reutilizables is the Wenco subsidiary that manufactures reusable technical containers, in both Chile and Peru Also known as RPCs, the standard market acronym for reusable plastic container, these crates are manufactured for repeated use in specific functions, such as cherry or tomato harvesting, transporting bread products, or for dairy or pharmaceutical product logistics.

Each crate is designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the production system it is used in. Today Wenco Reutilizables’ offerings includes just over 60 different types of crates, all perfectly recyclable once their useful life is over, as each one is made from the same type of polymers.

Wenco Reutilizables has local plants in both Chile and Peru, so that it to match its offerings to the productive and logistical needs of its customers. This allows the company to understand their customers’ business, attend to their needs quickly and offer innovations that improve their efficiency and sustainability.

Regarding this last point, in both Chile and Peru 50% of Wenco Reutilizables’ crates are manufactured from 100% recycled raw materials, which does not preclude their being recycled again.

In Chile and Peru, Wenco Reutilizables produces reusable technical containers, manufacturing 50% of them with recycled raw material.