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Wenco Hogar

With a long-standing presence in Chile and an entry into Colombia in 2019, Wenco Hogar has been, among other things, the division responsible for maintaining the currency and effectiveness of the Wenco brand among consumers.

Wenco Hogar specializes in providing solutions that make the home an orderly and comfortable place, and distributes them to the customers of the large retail chains. The company produces organizer boxes and trunks of all kinds, ranging from 6 to 150 liters of storage capacity, along with coolers, patio furniture, garbage cans, and containers for separating domestic recycling.

Manufacturing these products locally allows the large retail chains to be assured of receiving an immediate and customized supply. In addition, they can count on reliable product replacement and stocking services in their own stores, which is something that suppliers located in Asia cannot offer. This service is, undoubtedly, part of Wenco Hogar’s strategic design.