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Wenco Sur

In existence since 2007, Wenco Sur inaugurated its current plant in Puerto Montt, Chile, in October 2011. The company employs two different technologies: rotational molding, for manufacturing large plastic objects; and blow molding, which is technically more precise and energy efficient and endows the product with better mechanical properties.

Although Wenco Sur has a livestock and agricultural infrastructure area which manufactures products such as water tanks and animal feeders, its main specialty is infrastructure products designed for the aquaculture industry, largely salmon farming and mussel farming.

The company produces large anchor buoys, aquaculture bins, harvesting tanks, mussel farming buoys, and floats for rafts and other structures. In fact, Wenco Sur was the Chilean pioneer in the blow molding manufacture of these last two products, which are not only lighter and stronger than the old models, but are also much more environmentally friendly because they are not filled with expanded polystyrene, known in Chile as plumavit.

In Puerto Montt, Wenco Sur has a livestock and agricultural infrastructure area, but its specialty is infrastructure products used for salmon farming and mussel farming.