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Envases Chiloé

Envases Chiloé specializes in manufacturing expanded polystyrene (EPS) boxes, designed for exporting fresh fish.

Also known as plumavit in Chile, EPS is a great thermal insulator, and is also lightweight, waterproof and inert. These qualities combine to make it a perfect material to keep fish fresh and in optimal conditions until arrival at its final destination, whether in Brazil, the United States or China.

Envases Chiloé manufactures different sized boxes at four plants in Chile, located in Talcahuano, Chonchi, Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas. Each of these facilities employs state-of-the-art molds and machines to manufacture products certified to meet BRCGS Packaging Standards, a global standard for the safety of food packaging materials.

By having plants across southern Chile, the company can offer local service to its customers, generally centered in the salmon industry, and dispatch the necessary packaging with the high speed required by the fish production logistics chain.

In each of the geographical areas it serves, Envases Chiloé also offers its customers a recycling service to deal with the waste packaging left after production. This contributes to reducing the amount of EPS in local landfills.


With four plants in southern Chile, Envases Chiloé manufactures expanded polystyrene boxes, also known as plumavit in Chile, designed for the exportation of fresh fish.

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