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Greenplast, founded by Wenco in 2005, is the leading rigid plastic recycling company in Chile, thanks to the 800 tons of plastic it processes on average each month.

Its plant in Lampa takes in two of the plastics most widely used by industry and households -polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP)-, which it then recycles. The process involves grinding, washing, and extruding, to convert the plastic into pellets that will then be used to manufacture new objects. The pellets are homogenized and undergo rigorous quality controls before being shipped to each of Greenplast’s customers.

Greenplast’s contribution is essential in preventing over 10,000 tons of plastic from ending up in Chilean landfills each year. As an essential player in a circular economy system, this recycling process revalues plastic waste for the creation of raw materials adapted to each of the company’s customers’ requirements.

Founded by Wenco in 2005, Greenplast is the leading rigid plastic recycling company in Chile.